The Holistic Regimen Mini is a small sample sized version of our best selling Holistic Regminen. This is customizable bundle that comes with:

  • (1oz) Matcha Rose Cream Cleanser OR (1oz) Brown Sugar Honey Scrub OR (1oz) Black Willow Exfoliating Scrub
  • (1oz) Hydrosol Facial Mist
  • (1oz) Rose Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel Oil Facial Toner 
  • (1oz) Bombshell Blush Moisturizing Facial Cream OR (1oz) Ganja Goddess Moisturizing Facial Cream OR (15ml) Rosehip Nectar Facial Serum OR (15ml) Sapphire Kush CBD Serum
  • Add on (1oz) Full Blume Triple Rose Clay Facial Mask for addtional $10


Hydrosol Facial Mist
Add Full Blume Clay Mask?
    • Acne fighting
    • Skin smoothing and softening
    • Brightens skin tone
    • Skin clearing and tightening
    • Fades and heals new and old scars
    • Prevents acne
    • Exfoliates skin
    • Leaves glowing complexion