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What is the TAT (turn around time)

Turn around time means from order placed to order shipped. Depending on order volume the average turn around time can range between 3 to 7 business days. If you have not recieved a tracking number in 10 business days please feel free to contact us if we haven't already reached out to you with an update on your order.

I recieved my order but the item(s) is/are broken, leaking, melted, or missing. Please advise.

First and foremost we apologize for any inconvinience. - If an item is missing we will happily send you the missing item as soon as possible. - If an item is broken or leaking but it still at least 80% full we can offer you a store credit of 15% off of your next purchase. If more than that is unusable you will qualify for a store credit in the amount of the product or a replacement. - If an item is melted you can rewhip the butter with an electric mixer and it will still be usable. If you are unable to mix the item or otherwise cannot use the product you will be eligible to get a replacement item or a store credit for the amount you paid.

My order never came. What should I do now?

In the event that an item is missing from the post office we will be happy to send a replacement order up to 2 times, the second time being with an alternative carrier. Using an alternative carrier may require additional fees depending on the exact situation. We also advise filing a claim with your post office as well.

I am unsure what the doseage is or how to use and store the product(s).

Each product has care and use instructions that can be found in the product description for each product. Please feel free to reach out and ask questions if anything is unclear.

I think I am having an adverse reaction to the product(s). Please advise.

We always advise customers to do a small patch test when trying a new product. This means to try putting the product on a small area of skin and monitoring it for 24 to 48 hours to see if any reactions occur. If a reaction occurs immediately cease use of the product and see a physician. We will be happy to offer a full refund, please contact us immediately.

My products are seperating or have discoloration. Is it still usable?

Yes, discoloration and seperation occur naturally in natural products due to the fact that we do not use preserveratives, artificial ingredients, or emulsifiers in any of our products. Browning happens from oxidation which is also natural. as long as the product does not have a foul, sour, or otherwise unpleasant odor it is still safe to use.

I'd like to cancel my order/ I am dissatisfied with my order. I'd like a refund.

Orders cancelled within 24 hours of placement are eligible for a full refund not including the 35% material recovery fee. After 24 hours a material recovery fee will be deducted from the refund. If your order has shipped and you have not recieved it you will need to send it back and once we recieve the returned order we will refund the order minus the recovery fee. We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders at our descretion. It is the resposibility of the customer to read and agree to our policies and product descriptions upon placing an order.

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