your overview & guide to the business! 


When you are formulating for the public your TOP priority is SAFETY. There is a lot of rules that come into play when you are involving other people's bodies. If something has worked Taking precautions will ensure the safety of others and your own safety for your business.


ALWAYS disclose full ingredients lists, use instructions, and product storage and care instructions for all potential customers to see. Customers need to know that they are putting on their bodies. People have allergies and it is a legal requirement to have the full ingredients list of each product disclosed.


In the cosmetic (skincare) industry "healing" and "curing" claims of any kind cannot be made. Refrain from using those terms to describe products. Instead use terms like: "can/may help with (insert value here).." "has been known to (insert value here)" etc.


The shelf life of each product can either be determined but the preservative used or the ingredient in the formula that has the shortest shelf life expectancy.


Products that are aqueous (has water in them) need preservatives when being sold to the public. Completely anhydrous (has no water in them) generally do not need preservatives, however they can be used in many cases to where any product may be exposed to water. Preservatives are necessary to keep products from growing mold which can cause a number of health and sanitation issues.


Emulsified products have emulsifiers and preservatives to bind and fuse water and oil together where they generally would not mix. Emulsified products tend to be more stable and also provide moisture as well as oil sealing values in the same product.


Major fundamentals to getting sales: focus on the industry, the knowledge of crafting, and building up your personal following and brand.


Always paint your brand in the best light possible. It doesn't mean over state what you do or what you sell, it just means let the people know about the best part of the products and benefits. Make sure the customers always see themselves in your products .


Some businesses like to go low margin/high volume and some businesses like as much margin as possible. Grow within your budget and expertise without trying to force your sales. Your margins will get better as your experiences and processes improve.


Be the reason you win and understand the importance of awareness. The sooner you take full accountability for your business the sooner you will be able to take it to the next level.